onsdag den 12. januar 2011

I'm a product of the western world.

I’m a product of the Western World.
The rich world, the united lands of wealth
I buy to feel happy and display my status
My home is safe and warm, there’s always food
Social welfare, giant health care systems
Democracy, trade union and open boarders
Is never questioned in the free world
Human rights, women’s rights, gay rights
Freedom of speech, press, religion defines daily life
And in this world I grew up
I am free, I am educated, I am and can be me
I know that if I break the written laws I go to jail
So I don’t.
I follow the rules of society so that I can be free
But does that make me free?
I can eat everyday – anything I like – snack time away
But still I don’t like my body
In this world it’s hot to be thin
In this world we don’t suffer from lack of food
We suffer because of food
And TV!
And Hollywood!
And fashion!
We complain, we’re never happy with the way things are
We live in the western world
Our own misery is our catastrophe
We suffer as individuals
I am alone

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